Not what i had in mind

well I was taking off from Houston to KSFO and I ran out of
fuel then this happened



were done for

aircraft 747
airline ATLAS AIR
time noon
yes global
server N/A
plane time 3HR 38M
weather sunny


Wow, thats a very funny Landing! Nice shots as well.

Hate to be that guy, but make sure to remove the airplane tag as its not allowed ;)


i uhh i crashed

edit: and on replay i went through the ground

Your topic will be closed if you don’t fix it.

take a look now

Interesting picture! Although… please don’t tell me you actually said “ran out of gas”…

nope definitely not said that

You’re good. Although it seems you’ve put the second picture in a spoiler…

yeah because it supposed to mean I crashed

I feel the pain. I’ve done that a lot more than I care to remember.