Not using brakes during landings.

So… This is really confusing. You are telling me that you give up 80% of your braking force and rely on reverse thrust. Plus I am sure most planes have anti-skids equipped, why not use both braking forces?


Brakes are way too harsh on landing. Makes your aircraft stop on an unrealistic distance. I prefer to use reversers until 70 knots, then slow down gradually with brakes.


I usually use reverse thrust once the nose wheel of my aircraft is settled down to avoid ‘slamming’ my aircraft nose wheel into the runway.

I use reverse thrust to just above 60kts then something I like to do is check where the next exit is for the runway, as I slow down as required for that exit, as this expedites your vacation from the runway.

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I only found out this recently, but the brakes button is a parking brake. Using it on landing IRL would result in some very bad damage to the wheels. But we also have a general break in IF. Slide down on the rudder slider and you will see your speed start to decrease. The fact that it is on the rudder is very useful as it means you can stay central on the runway when landing, which could be the difference between a Ryanair or a Butter in a crosswind landing.


many here in the game use the APPR in the wrong way, go with it until the end, you should only do this if the weather conditions are very bad (speaking of climatic conditions I mean the visibility), you can disable the APPR at 1000ft, 500ft 200 … when you want, or even make the landing manually and prevent the brakes from being triggered automatically and make you stop as if you were in an emergency landing, and the reverse does not have to pull 100% every time you land, the BRAKE you press when you have a reduced speed (60kts), if it were in real life you would not use the brake soon in the landing you would burn it and explode the tires, probably would not last in the company, there are many tutorials here teaching how to make the landing, remember a good pilot always learns


I thought the brake button means both parking and general.

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I don’t have APPR on board. Partial hand fly the landing erry tyne.

It’d be nice to have a brake slider, similar to power, to be able to gradually input a small amount of brakes. Maybe this should get a thread in features.

Because right now it’s either full on or full off.


Can you explain why this happens?

From what I have experienced there is two reasons why:

  1. You apply reverse thrust when only the main gear has touched down and not the nose gear, causing it to ‘slam’ into the runway with the sudden reduction in speed.

  2. Sometimes on certain aircraft in games, when you land with ‘Spoilers Armed’ it will ‘slam’ your aircraft nose into the ground. You can counteract this by when touching down, pulling back more on your yoke to gently lower the nose gear onto the runway.


i use the reverse thrust and manual braking.

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Brakes are depending on the exit you want to take and/or if there is traffic close by behind you. If not, no need.

IRL it’s different of course and we have different brakemodes but even then sometimes we land without using brakes to keep on rolling to the end of a crazy long runway.


I remember i read something about it. A pilot said that they don’t prefer brakes during reverse thrust because it scares passengers. And it gives less damage to lifespan.

I pulled back my nose (flared) during touchdown and my nose gear still came down hard. Could it be because of the armed spoilers that reduced the speed too quick and like what you said less speed = higher tendency for nose gear to slam?

Whether I use reverse thrust or not my nose gear still slams onto the runway.

The nose down moment is not created by spoilers. Don’t forget that what’s holding your nose up is your elevator, while the spoilers are on your wings. Spoilers also do not slow you down, its main purpose is to break the lift.

An abrupt decelerating force can force the nose down, either reversers or brakes.

In most cases, you need to keep pulling the yoke as required after touch down with the main gear, up to the moment the nose gear touches down.

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Hey Captain! Do you suggest using reverse thrust before the nose gear has touched down or after all the wheels are on the ground?

True, but spoilers also slow down the plane, so it contributes to the nose going down.
In my tourist experience, I always felt nose touchdown, then immediate reverse thrust.

In reality we deploy reversers once the main gears touched down. The most important thing is to fly the nose gear to the ground, don’t let it drop by itself, you have to finish your landing with a proper ‘’derotation’’.

In IF, I find it useful to control my aircraft first, and then deploy my reversers. Go in solo and practice and you’ll find the best method for you.

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