Not sure what this means(corrupted replay)

Iphone SE3:
IOS 17.0.2:



It means that the replay file is damaged and can’t be viewed.

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Hi !! This issue has been happening with all my flights after 23.3 :(
I am unable to see my landings and takoff bcoz of this.

Kindly please address this issue…… many people on discord server have also been facing the same issue.

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How can you fix it

Unfortunately it’s not possible to repair corrupted files.


Is this for all replay files? Or is it just the ones before 23.3 or after 23.3?

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Really sorry for my delayed response… i am not very active on forms that much.

Its for all the flights after the 23.3 sadly…. And it’s happening on the long haul flights mostly… few of my short hauls r fine.

For me it’s been happened on flights from into or out of Chicago, other airports are fine. However after the hotfix my replays work as it should no matter what airport I’m at.

This actually just happened to me. I did a flight from KORD-KBOS and I buttered the landing and only to see the replay was corrupted

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Me too. I flew egph eham yesterday. It completed.
That file of the flight also corrupted.
After 23.3 update.
And the game is also easily crashed

KORD is somewhat broken (and pending hotfix) so I can’t say I’m surprised if the replay files are corrupted from there.

@Just1moreflight - could it been the case for you here?

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Yeah i was flying my long haul’s from there and it has to be that case.

Thanks for your assistance. :)

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Really frustrating when that happens

After the hotfix, kord still seems to corrupt Any replays that come in and out of the airport

@here Hey folks, can anybody send us a corrupt replay so we can take a look? We may have a fix for it and we’d like to test it

Send it to as soon as you get a chance, thanks!

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Sorry for this irrelevant question…. Be how do i send it ? Just copy it from the game and paste tye link at the email ?

Perfectly valid question! You first need to export it:

Step 1
Open your “Logbook”
Step 2
Select the replay you wish to export
Step 3
Tap the three dot symbol on the replay card and select “Share”
Step 4
Select where you would like to save the file (the options available may vary dependent on what apps are installed on your device)
Step 5
Your file will be saved to the location you have selected

From: Logbook | Infinite Flight

To send it, you can either email that exported file, or use and send me the link. Thank you!

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Thanks so much !! I am currently in a flight in game…. As soon as i finish that i will send the file :)

Thanks, appreciate it :)

(love your username btw!)


Thank you 😻 !

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