Not sure what I did wrong, can someone help?

Hello community!

Few days ago I shared my first post here and today I finally achieved Grade 3 rating, meaning I could access expert server. I checked where the ATC is active and did a flight from Miami to Atlanta. Agreed, my mistake, probably should’ve chosen less busy airport but I was confident in my abilities.

I’ll try to explain step by step the procedure I carried out to give you as much detail as possible:

I had a fully filled FMS all the way to the runway. I was handed off to the approach frequency where I requested runway 9R, which was approved and I was told to continue as filed. Couple of minutes later, I was told to descent to 3,000ft and maintain 3,000ft until established on the ILS. I immediately disengaged VNAV and set altitude to 3,000ft with vertical speed of 1,000 ft/m. I was still following my FMS, just expedited my descent compared to it. I was doing 240kts at this point and one minute later, I was told to not to exceed 200kts. Again, I immediately deployed the spoilers, extended flaps to reduce speed. Few seconds later, I was instructed to expedite my descent, so I adjusted my descent rate to 1,500 ft/m. Little while later, I was instructed to turn right heading 360 and few seconds later to turn right heading 060. I did this within 2-3 seconds, without any delay.

And just then, I was told to open up user guide for ATC instructions. So here comes my question, what did I do wrong?

I read what I could find on this page, but I feel like I followed all the ATC instructions as I was supposed to.

(Disclaimer: this is not a rant, I genuinely want to learn so I can make ATC’s life easier)

Thank you!

Message appeals if you want to appeal the violation. Message the controller if you want to know what exactly you messed up on (though to be fair, we at appeals can provide the same explanation, so you could just message us actually).

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In your case as I assume no violation issued, best answers is contacting the controller. If you don’t know how to find him, use link below

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Yes indeed, no violation issued in my case, just want to avoid it in the future. Thank you for the link, very useful!

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