Not sure about General aviation

General aviation

I wanted to know if the Dash-8 Q400 Is considered a general aviation aircraft

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It’s considered as a commercial aircraft.

The following are considered as general aviation aircraft in IF.

  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 208 (For Some)
  • Cessna Citation (For Some)
  • Cub Crafters XCub
  • Spitfire (For Some)
  • Lockheed Martin P-38 (For Some)
  • Daher TBM-930
  • Cirrus SR22

The following aren’t even though they have propellers

  • Bombardier Dash 8
  • AC-130
  • C-130H
  • C-130J
  • C-130J-30

But what I still be able to use it for the general aviation tomorrow because I have a Propellers on it

The theme is GA. You’re not required to fly in a GA aircraft (although please don’t spawn in an A380 either).

Yes you can as it’s just a suggestion for the aircraft to use.

Ok thanks everyone

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Well this is an interesting term…

People tend to see General Aviation as the cessnas and whatnot… But is it really just that?

General Aviation - General Aviation is all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airline service. (Defined by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)

So technically under this definition, any civilized aviation flying is considered as General Aviation Flight. So does that technically mean that the Cessna Citation X (C750), the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), or even a Private B787 are really General Aviation? Well yeah. By definition they would be - even though some would consider them “for charter”. General Aviation is not military, commercial or even scheduled charter flights though.

For Tomorrow’s ATC Day:
I’d recommend sticking to the smaller aircraft like the Daher TBM-930, Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cirrus SR-22, and the Cubcrafters CC-19 XCUB for most of those airports. But if I was controlling at an airport like Reno or Phoenix Goodyear, I wouldn’t have an issue with handling a C750, BBJ, ACJ tomorrow.

While I believe it’s recommended to fly GA. I also don’t believe it will be enforced. Feel free to fly whatever you want tomorrow but remember to #FlyGA ❤️🎈


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