Not such an everyday flight

Hey! Welcome or welcome back to a few new screenshots of mine…

Today’s flight brings me from a nice airport called Nice Côte d’Azur to Dublin, and as always, I have some information for you:)

Nice Côte d’Azur (LFMN) directly translates to ‘Nice blue coast Airport’, if only the coast was actually blue in IF ):
Nice airport is France’s third most used airport, with it being one of Air France’s operating cities and one of easyJet’s HUBs, handling 14,485,423 passengers in 2019. The class Bravo airport is located just seven kilometres west to the city center.
Nice airport was used as early as 1900, with a few airshows starting in 1910, it became quite a popular attraction for the population near or in Nice.
In 1918, the first flight took off from Nice Côte d’Azur, a postal flight, headed for the Corsica: a French island located in the Mediterranean, south of France.
In 1920, Nice airport started becoming a little more popular, with interest from the Air Ministry and a flying club starting up.
Nice Airport definitely played a part in World War Two, being used by Air Force.
In 1944, Nice Airport got an upgrade, making a hardened runway. This made it capable of accepting various forms of air traffic. As a result of this upgrade, Air France started rotations to and from Paris, becoming a very popular rout very quickly.
From 1950 onwards, everything was looking great for Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, with runway expansions, a lot more passengers each year and then a second runway being built.
In 1987, a new terminal was built, allowing for even more passenger capacity.
Now, Nice Côte d’Azur Airport doesn’t have a lot more room for expansion due to Nice being very close to the airport. However, passenger numbers are still rising yearly.

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Aer Lingus 2019
Aircraft registration: EI-CVA
Route: LFMN - EIDW
Flight number: EI545
Callsign: EIVA101
Flight time: 2:10
Distance: nm

Airport Information

Departure airport: LFMN - Nice Côte d’Azur
Departure runway: 04L
***Arrival airport: EIDW - Dublin Intl
Arrival runway: 10


Forgot IF-O, sorry!


Forgot IF-O, sorry!

Flight plan

Forgot IF-O, sorry!

Now, enough information, onto the screenshots, enjoy!

Following LFMN’s famous runway 04L SID

Already a while later, we are climbing out over the French Alps

Fog closes in the valley, gives a rather nice effect:)

After over two hours of flying, we’ve intercepted runway 10’s glideslope at Dublin Airport, putting down the landing gear for landing. A beautiful sunset awaits

Throttle is on idle, spoilers are about to be extended, all is looking good. Now that’s a beautiful touchdown after this truly amazing flight

Engines are shut down and the beacon light has been switched off, this concludes a definite treat of a flight

That wraps it up! What was your favourite picture?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Great photos!

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These are absolutely incredible!

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holy moly, this is beautiful, absolutely stunning shots as always :)



merci beaucoup!

thanks so much! I’m glad you liked them :)


Absolutely love your shots, man! I especially like the 5th one. Keep it up and stay safe!

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These are all amazing! I can’t decide between numbers 1,2, 5, and 6 for a favorite. They’re all perfect

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I love how you captured that touchdown with sun setting. All the pictures are awe inspiring, but number 5 really captivated me.

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Thanks so much for your support!

Awww, thanks so much, I’m really so glad you enjoyed them!

Thanks you for those kind words, I’m happy you liked them!

Wow guys, you are all so motivating and supportive, I’m overwhelmed, thanks so much guys <3

Stay safe:)

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I’mmm what ? I don’t know what to say? I’m at a loss of words.
Definitely some Eye Candy

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Ummm what are you talking about haha

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These Pictures, man took me a couple of minutes to take em’in especially love the last one.

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Awwww thanks so much <3

Awesome photos there, I absolutely love the 2nd and 3rd ones, the mountains are stunning!

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Shot #4 was my favorite. 😅

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Wow. Now that was amazing. Good stuff as always Rian.

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looks like a map from some MMO game

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Thanks so much! I did think people would like those ones…

Interesting, everyone else seemed to like the other ones, Ièm very glad you liked this one:)

Thanks so much, I really do enjoy posting:)

hahaha, I did think that aswell, thanks!

Thanks so much guys!

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Thanks very much!