Not so realistic

There is live ATC on expert server.
But, it seems not realistic.
The controller shouldn’t make planes cross the DMZ line.


Well, that is weird. Why wouldn’t they just deliberately maneuver people around it?

Hey 2000 RPM, there are no restrictions for approach direction and flying into restricted areas for Infinite Flight thus far. By IFATC policy the controller can do this if he wishes. If you have additional questions you can ask @mwe2187.


Is this the real world? No. NK doesn’t exist in IF and nukes doesn’t as well. Imagine if IF added nukes though!


Hello! Controllers unfortunately don’t always take realism into account. I understand you would love to have realism but the unrealistic amount of traffic airports get leads to unrealistic procedures. SIDS and stars will be implemented soon so stay tuned!


cries in server load

I think the controller wants info about what the north koreans are doing so hes sending in the spy planes and the normal planes are a decoy

As much as IFATC strive for realism it is only wherever possible. We often deal with higher levels of traffic than are usual in places like this and our priorities are to get people down safely opposed to abiding by international borders. Hopefully when 20.1 comes and SID/STAR’s arrive more realistic procedures will be able to be used to avoid these situations.