Not So Pretty Gulfstream @ KDCA

I’ve edited more photos, so I now have another topic. These are also from the day that NOAA sent a G-IV, P-3, and the Air Force sent a C-130 to DCA. This topic includes the G-IV, which looks pretty cool in the NOAA livery, even though its various upgrades make it look a bit weird. Anyways, enjoy.

Beginning the topic is a Delta A320, coming from some Delta hub

Now, something DCA tower likes to do occasionally, when the wind is calm. This UA 738 was sent off of runway 19, providing some neat angles for us spotters at the marina

The first NOAA aircraft to arrive, the G-IV modified into a hurricane hunter, arriving from its base in Lakeland, Florida

Following the Gulfstream is a Delta 752 arriving from LAX

Next up is an AA A321 looking amazing in the contrasty conditions

Double American, with this MAX looking great as well

Ending the topic is N744P sporting the Piedmont Heritage livery

Eso es todo, and I hope you enjoyed. Seeya

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Lies. I smell lies.


I think the gulfstream is pretty but great photos too!

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nice A21N.

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cry about it

I just dont think it’s as sleek as regular Gulfstreams ;)

again, cry about it

mhm, I see…

Wait hold on here

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Cool shots! Can’t wait to visit DCA in a month!
The B747 is the best shot!

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True if they lost the tail radar and put it on top it would better although the paint is nice too

Ooh nice! Definitely visit Gravelly Point park if you’ve got time. And thanks, I spent about two hours editing that photo of the 747

@MxP what day is your flight to DCA arriving if you don’t mind me asking?

Yep, the livery’s great


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