Not-So-Normal Connection Problem

I’m on a flight currently with IFAE, if you see on LiveFlight right now (Currently east of China), I’m not there, but I’m still flying. People behind me are gone on my map, and this has lasted for about an hour now.

Connection Status shows all green, and I am at a close distance to a WiFi router and no, I’m not ghosted.

The people you are flying with might not have a solid Internet Connection.

Negative. They are still with a good connection. They can see each other and they are also seen on liveflight.

That’s strange. Try restarting your WiFi router.

Will get to it. Resetting now

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Seems my uncle’s downloading something on an Amazon Firestick. It consumes a lot of Bandwidth . That maybe the root cause

Yeah ensure you have a strong and stable connection. Sometimes try turning airplane mode on for a few seconds, that may help things.

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Ok, Router’s restarted, I tried the airplane mode trick and my uncle has finished downloading, and still no result.

Have you tried turning off your WiFi and then rejoining your WiFi?

That did not work at all

Have you checked your VPN?

I do not have a VPN.

After you end the flight, I would restart your device/reinstall Infinite Flight. Not much else I can think of.

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I would suggest ending the flight if you haven’t done so already and restarting the app and your device.

Well, it worked. Thanks.

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