Not so high definition but still ok definition plane spotting @KLAX pt.1

So I went outside today and when I came back, I was able to do some slight spotting. Despite there being only 3 photos (plus a bonus one) there is 1 special livery included!

First photo, an ANA 787-9, Registration JA891A from Tokyo Haneda. It seems like all of the ANA planes coming into LAX at this moment are 787 aircraft.

Ey there street sign, can ya move a bit to the right for me luv? Yep, Arizona One, taking off to a destination Southwest serves (Las Vegas to be exact). Here is another view of Arizona One taking off as a bonus.

At least here is a better view of the plane in this one

Last of all, this Delta A319 coming in from good ol’ Portland, Oregon, the city of a place in Oregon that hardly anyone visits in IF.

That concludes part 1 of my ‘Not so high definition but still ok definition plane spotting @KLAX’ series, but until then, keep flying Generically I guess???*
(* I honestly still have to make a better slogan for myself)



I like that EVA air cameo!

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