Not so good of ATC @ KASE on Expert Server

Hello, I was waiting at KASE for 15 minutes with my United Dash 8 for pushback earlier for pushback with no planes in front of me to run into. He kept on telling me to hold position. I decided to just quit. He let bigger planes be on the airport than the TFR. This didn’t seem right. Their were 10 airplanes in the KASE airspace. I will add pictures later since they are on another device.


Then why did the ATC let 787s land on the small airport in Aspen Pikin?

Try sending a PM to the controller - 99% of the time they have a valid reason

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They are doing their Job there must on been of been a reason why.

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There is no valid excuse for violating the TFRS and allowing oversized aircraft. ATC should have ghosted if the aircraft continued inbound. Only thing I can think of is he didn’t pay attention to the aircraft size. But it most likely was not done with full knowledge of the aircraft size. That’s the only way at least from my perspective. ATC should know this.


Name of ATC would be useful. PM an IFATC person if you would like. We always look too improve so they will take the feedback happily.