Not showing planes while controlling busy airport

I was controlling EGLL today and it was very busy. The problem was that there were plenty of messages by planes that weren’t showing on my screen and because of that I couldn’t control. But when I spawned as a plane the plane downloaded normally and I was able to see them. Why is there this problem with ATC?

Try going to Settings > Live > Airplane count > Very High

Just to confirm, you literally cannot see the aircraft that messages are coming from? Is there a screenshot you can provide?

Maybe you spawned in right as someone else did and that meant that they were controlling it, it happens to me very often

No I wasn’t observer

Wdym by that?

I could send messages to them but I didn’t see them on the map

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Oh ok them

Hmm… Was this just one session?

No it happens sometimes when I control at busy airports

Have you got a stable connection?

Yeah I think so… Also it doesn’t happen to me if I am a plane and there you have to load the same amount of planes

I can’t currently seem to find the solution, but found a topic very similar:

Not sure if logging in and out means your account of game. I’d try your account

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Thanks I will try both again but just logging out from the ATC position didn’t work

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There is a max number of planes shown, no matter how high your settings are. This is to protect your bandwidth. It has to stop somewhere, or it’s bad for your router and your device. The max is usually around 20-25 but could be less depending on your settings

There really nothing you can do about it. All games have this

But the plane icons weren’t even showing on the map when controlling and without that you couldn’t control so normally it should be possible as a controller

Ohh ok I see. Did you have it set to where you can visibly see a user’s username?

Yeah I do. I never changed it

Did you attempt to restart your device? It may reset the bandwidth between your device and the router

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