Not showing all planes when flying online

when I am flying on expert server (actually any server) I dont see all the planes which are nearby me on the map. I see only some of them. Look at the screenshots:

I have a good wifi connection at home, it is also happening on other networks, for example I tried it in the café.

I dont know why is this happening, it can cause some problems since I dont see all airplanes on the expert server, so I can possibly collide with someone without even knowing about it.

What can I do with this?

Thank you for your help.

Have you tried with other connections because this seems to be related to connection issues. When I have a bad connection this is something which happens.

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I have tried it on several wifi networks and it was still happening.

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Can you clarify? The statement is pretty generic. What about the screen shots are we looking at?

On the screenshots you see that many airplanes are missing there. First two were from Paris few days ago, when there was a lot of traffic and last one is from yesterday at Princess Juliana when the airport was full of airplanes, but I did not see any actually.

Have you enabled automatic download over cellular data in settings or raised your aircraft count?

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There are a lot of planes in multiple views so I am trying to see where you are not seeing planes?

The three white boxes in the first picture are the three planes ahead of you on the map. They are too far away to render as a physical plane. You need to be closer. Is that what you are referring to?

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I dont have automatic download over cellular data enabled, but I have all the planes downloaded and I use wifi and no cellular data. I have the aircraft count on low/medium, because the app would crash on my iPhone 6, but that is just the number of aircraft that are shown, the other ones should appear like white squares.

No, the planes are not shown there on the map. There were way more airplanes there on LiveFlight, but I did not see them here on the map.

The same thing happens here. I only saw like 2 aircrafts in Chicago last week but it turned out there was more than 2. Literally. 🤔

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What device were you using?

I think the point here is that all aircrafts shown in airports, are missing.

I think it was made like this so that it would be easier for the ATC and Pilots to vector into the approach line. Not to see the whole mess going on inside of the airport. This just makes the map look cleaner for the pilot and the controller.

Today it happened to me again. I was approaching EGLL and there was lot of traffic (1 approach and 2 towers) and I could not see any traffic around me. I had airplane count on very high.

My wifi speed is good tho:

I tried reinstalling the app and it did not help. Please, help me with this. Since I dont see traffic around me I can get a ghost.

Ok, what device are you using?

Do you see them and they disappear or are they never there?

And you are saying on the radar correct?

I am using iPhone 6, I see only some of them on the map. I have 6 GB of storage left. It started to happen after the 19.1 update I think.

Can you activate airplane mode on your device for 10-30 seconds then switch back to WiFi?

So you see them in regular camera views but not on the map? Is that correct?

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