Not seeing any other users on Live server

Hey all,
Just doing a flight from Paris to Dublin and noticed all other players suddenly disappeared off the map. I also can’t see the rectangular squares indicating a plane. My number of planes setting is Medium. I checked liveflightapp and no flights are showing up on its map either.

Is it just me noticing this? The green tick on the top right of the screen shows all the statuses are green


Hello @Edward_Lynch-Milner, 👋

My ongoing plane setting is set to high, yet on the off chance that expression that all Endless Flight clients vanished this normally happens when the Wi-Fi or LTE disengages from your cell phone. In the right hand corner there ought to be a button called Framework Status. This we’ll refresh you on totally given realities about your Wi-FI association or LTE. Furthermore, how the live server is standing.


Is this by any chance the training server? If yes, then there are currently known issues with the training server thats causing this, and the staff are working on it (:

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