Not seeing aircraft on the airfield

I just went to Hong Kong in the expert server and on the map it’s saying there’s 2 aircraft basically in front of me waiting to takeoff whilst I’m sitting at the gate and I can’t see them only an air Asia over the other side of the airport but the map says they are there and I don’t want to get ghosted because I’m not seeing everyone. Is this just a bug from the new update? All my settings are high and plane count is very high. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

I’m assuming you’ve updated to the latest version 19.1?

Just like Tyler suggested, Reinstall Infinite Flight and Restart your device. I hope this helps. There are definately Graphical issues that impact most people’s flight on the A330 and many other places.

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Yeah I updated last night. When I spawned last night thinking about it not every aircraft was visible but didn’t take any notice but this morning it’s noticeable especially if I want to play in expert server I don’t really want to take that risk until it’s resolved :)

I did that for the glitch the a330 was doing in cockpit view and that sorted it I’ll just redone load it later on and hopefully solves the issue. I’ll keep you updated thanks.

This may have been because the airport was very busy, or because your device did not render a large amount of aircraft to prioritize the performance of your device. As you get physically closer to the aircraft, they should become visible.

Another possibility is that the aircraft that were present were not yet downloaded onto your device. Once you’ve started to fly more, more of the aircraft will have downloaded to your device allowing you to see more aircraft. Once you come across an aircraft in live, it should start to download automatically if it is not yet downloaded.

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That’s probably the cause thanks bro because I’m running an XR and everything runs fantastic it’s probably the aircraft downloading as the air Asia was over the other side of the airport and these invisible ones were in front of me.

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As you can see there’s an aircraft to the left of me but nobody’s there 😂

If you uninstalled it now has to redownload planes. It is suggested to use the free cam and hover around to sort of prompt for the planes to download.

Nothing has changed from previous versions with the number of planes visible at the same time. Make sure you adjust that setting in your live settings appropriately.


Ok thanks for your advice appreciate it 👊🏻

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