Not saving Last Airport that You Landed At

Hey guys,

Has anyone had a problem that whenever they finish a flight, the app doesn’t save their last airport they landed at? I know I have the setting on it it’s not working,

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it or anything to do for that matter

Do you have that option turned on in settings?

He said he does above.

Is your app crashing? Whenever an app crash occurs it’ll just reset to your last departed airport.

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First check and make sure you have it active, just so we can eliminate that as the issue. I haven’t seen this issue happen to me. Also, was this a one-time issue or does it happen every time?

Yea. That was the first place I made sure to check

It hasn’t since I really have noticed it

It happens every time. This is what my settings look like. Idk why my camera was so blurry

Is the airport staying as the one you departed from?

All the way down to my departing parking spot

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Odd. Try turning the setting off, restarting your device, and then turning it back on.

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In addition to what lucaviness said, try this aswell.

When you end your flight, it always goes back to the “Fly Online” menu. Don’t immediately close the app after ending the flight. Wait until it has stopped loading and the location has updated.

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I did try that and it worked on that one. That’s probably why it’s been happening. Thanks for the help guys!


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