Not Receiving messages from players

Hello! I’d like to follow up on a problem in which I don’t receive any response from any player when controlling ATC, causing delays. This has happened to me almost three times, and people have messaged me for not responding. Please address this issue!

This seems very confusing…are you saying that pilots aren’t reading back your commands? More information would be appreciated so that I can give you the best response.

Yes. That is what I mean.

Not sure how that would cause delays…if pilots on expert aren’t following instructions, give them the appropriate warnings and report them if necessary. If a pilot is not reading back instructions but still following them, I’d probably leave them be. On training, there’s not really much you can do, but if they’re trolling, honestly I’d probably ignore them.

Proactivity is key when controlling. Adapt as necessary and always keep an eye on the entirety of your airspace.

I think that is because you have slow internet, it happened to me a few times where when ATC sends a message I don’t get it for like a minute because my wifi was slow

I don’t think that was not intentional for not reading back my commands as it was on expert server and all of the aircrafts that were tuned to me were not saying their intentions for like 10 minutes or so as they were on hold short line.

I can assure you that I have a stable connection.

Did you ask for their intentions with the command “Ask for Intentions?”

If they aren’t blocking aircraft from entering the runway, you can give progressive taxi instructions around them or to an intersection of the runway. In the case that they’re blocking aircraft from entering the runway, do as TBolt explained and take necessary action.

It seems the pilots on your frequency had gone AFK for a bit judging by your explanation.

How can they be all AFK at the same time?

I was there and they were not afk, they were repeating the same messages and waiting for a few minutes with no response from ATC

Could you send your replay? Perhaps that would be the most definitive solution here.

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Access denied.

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