Not pro global offline?

If we can’t get at least one free multiplayer server, why can the people without pro subscription not fly global offline? I mean, I paid about 19 bucks for this game if I remember correctly and it’s a rare case if I don’t remember correctly… 19 bucks and then only very, very limited content of a game that could be as good as XPlane Mobile basically…? To me, that doesn’t sound like a very good offer


At this time Infinite Flight requires a continuous internet connection to use.

For the first versions of Infinite Flight on a global scale, we have decided to stream our terrain which uses very little data based on our testing. In the future it is our desire and plan to support offline gameplay or even the ability to download scenery for “on the go” use. Our ultimate goal is to allow for a versatile experience which allows customers to enjoy Infinite Flight both on and offline. There is not set timeframe for accomplishing this. This update lays the foundation and we base the rest on feedback from our community.

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I really don’t think I.F is 19 bucks.


Might be Canadian or something else dollars.


Imagine having the whole world downloaded onto the device without streaming, this would take up so much space.


it depends on the country dude

It seems like you misunderstood what I meant. Okay, I might have written it misunderstandable, but the real point of this post wasn’t the question if - or rather why I can’t play offline. The main topic I was referring to was the Fly Solo feature and why you even need a pro subscription to go global while solo. Sorry for steering you wrong ;) Either way, why do we need IF pro to fly global in any mode?

“Part of the pro subscription is global scenery. You’re paying for Infinite Flight to stream their scenery onto your device. My guess is it would cost extra to offer diverse regions. Infinite Flight is very cheap if you think about everything that it is offering. We’ve got a multitude of aircraft and liveries, global scenery, live servers, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was cheaper once before but they’ve improved the simulator so much. They need to charge extra to give us the features that we all know and love.” - @lucaviness

Does this answer your question?

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