not play infinite flight

it happens that I can not play infinite flight on my samsung galaxy j2 I have a good Wi-Fi signal and the game is not connected and it closes me help please

Have you gone into your the PlayStore to see if there’s an update?

Have you restarted your device, and/or reinstalled infinite flight?

yes but there is no update

I have rebooted my device and reinstalled the game but it tells me the same

Which version of infinite flight are you using?

My device has 1GB of RAM and Android 5.1.1

You could start with these tips:

  • Reset your router

  • Lower your graphics settings, lower aircraft count and make sure you have no background apps running.

  • Once you open Infinite Flight be sure not to back out.

  • Keep your RAM free and clear your cache before starting a flight especially long hauls.

*Switch off the minimap

Hope this helps, Chris

Infinite Flight v17.04.0 is the latest version ok thank you very much I will try to update the device and everything I asked

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Never mind, Infinite Flight Global does support Android 5.0. Sorry, my mistake.

I believe that the Galaxy J2 is OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible, but I might be wrong.

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He actually has Global, so that isn’t the problem.

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You don’t need to update. It was my mistake. I’m sorry. It has to be a different issue, as you are up-to-date. Have you tried doing what @Levet suggested?
EDIT: Actually, if you can, you should update. It may or may not help.

Well OpenGL compatibility isn’t the full story. Playability and enjoyment also depends on hardware. Looking at the J2 specs, it looks like it could probably handle the game with lowered settings, but it still won’t be the smoothest experience. I should add that I’ve never actually used a Galaxy J2, so again, I could be wrong.

ok no problem I hope to have a solution with the game

Hmm j2 is kinda old device…

Yes if I change the device soon thank you very much for the help you have an excellent flight

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