Not Particularly Good Contrail Spotting

Hey, IFC,

What have y’all been up to?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been escaping the heat and chilling in the middle of nowhere

42.9914, -87.8836

The cool part about the middle of nowhere is that this specific middle of nowhere is between the flight path from European capitals to US major cities AND between Spain and England.

Now, why am I saying all of this? You probably don’t know. Me neither. Time to be quiet now.

Titan Air flying a cool livery to London

Finnair flying from Munich to Las Vegas cough cough Moritz and @Kamryn

A freshly repainted ITA A350 going to New York

A beautiful N/A flying from N/A to N/A! Maybe Deer can enlighten me on what aircraft this is :)

An Emirates A380 - A quadjet contrail, a sight I thought I might never see again. Flying in front of the sun (I can’t tell if the lighting is cool or weird, you choose). From Dubai to JFK

An extra dirty Emirates A380 cruising back towards Dubai.

To thank you for enduring this topic, a duck!!


Thanks for having a look!

Have a nice day!

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P.S. love the duck



I fixed it

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Kinda hard but it could be a couple things.

-Challenger 350 (wingtips are pretty well slanted over the 300)

-Praetor 500


Love the topic! ITA looking 🔥

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Thanks Deerio :)

Thank you very much!

I also clicked on “no” in the poll because of some greasy fingers from eating something, so sorry for that ^^

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@MxP u know you can change your vote? click show vote at the bottom

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