Not Only Your Standard Airbus This Time


I know, it’s been about 89,820 minutes since my last topic, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, I’m back once again - with a new batch of photos taken from flights over the past… hmm… well, 1488 hours. I guess all this talking won’t get us anywhere, so without further ado, enjoy!

Delta Echo Tango Alpha India Lima Sierra

Aircraft: Why should I tell you when you’re about to see them for yourself?
Route: Various, obviously
Server: Solo, Expert
Flight Time: More than 10,000,000 milliseconds in total

Patterns and a runway change to 36R with @AviationReports at KOSH

A failed landing go-around with @Jetcentric taking off right behind

At this point, I may as well name this topic “EAA Airventure 2022”…

Guess I was wrong then. @AvioesEJogos here’s a LATAM A321 for you.

Turkey… oh wait, I meant Türkiye.

Ethiopian 777 landing at who-knows-where.

Double Triple Sevens

And finally, a golden hour NEO taking off towards the other side of the Atlantic.

So, that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know what you think about these - quite different from before, but in a positive way - in my opinion.

Thanks for reading and which was your favorite?

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Signing off and see you next time.


Hi, Great photos!


Great photos! One thing, however, you may want to look into buying a lens hood. That can remove some of the sun glare shown in the photos!


Also which focal-length on your lens that you use for 8th pict?.. I like it btw


Nice job with all of these pics, they’re amazing! I really like the Turkish 777 one, with the blur effect it looks like the runway is slightly sloped.

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Great pictures, but with what software do you edit them?


Thanks a lot everyone!

Oh, I don’t use one specific photo editor for everything, as there are some things that each software cannot do or is better for. I use a combination of Photoshop Express, Snapseed, PicsArt and LD - 4 in total, but not every single picture requires editing from all of them.

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Awesome screenshots man

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