Not one to complain, but for a first post, cant help myself, hacked off.

Well, my first post here and not to pleased actually, just did a great online flight from Bournmouth to Heathrow under ATC all the way, great work guys, at the last minute EGLL tower went off line and I guess the plane in question thought OK anything goes, cut me up at 1,3 mile final!
What happened to look right look left!
Rant over, go around succesful and ATC back up all good.

Don’t you hate that

Brandon, what upset me the most was announced on Unicom twice about ILS final 27R and saw him taxi and hold short, thought great he saw me. Wrong…

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paul i did tower on egll before you landed.(i even think i gave you clearance to land),but i needed to go asap and sent the final closing broadcast. wish i couldve stay longer so your landing didnt have to be spoiled. pilots on unicom really need to overlook traffic aswell


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a minimal amount of pilots on advanced server surely think they would still get away with disobeying commands.

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no while on atc frequency. i just wanna point out that even in advanced server few pilots think its still a free for all. i still see pilots taxiing without clearance etc. ghost button? YES - if they dont really wanna listen… but its not my goal whilst controlling. i really wish people would respect others

@Yna I haven’t noticed much difference from the playground other then we can enforce it lol

Yea tower goes offline it’s like a mad dash to the runway and no one cares about common curiously glad you had a successful go around

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I feel like those kinds of pilots see ATC as police. They play nice when controllers are around, then mess everything up as soon as they go offline.

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Yna, you do a great job, like all ATC new or experianced, we the pilits take the rough with the smooth, if we are asked to follow vectors, we do, we dont question, we follow( i speak fr myself here). But some times we are asked to follow vectors and we end up miles from where we should be going, we all pilots and ATC accept that we all have time limits for this with our free time and we do our best, both pilots and ATC. As I said you guys in ATC run a good ship even the newbies trying to hack it, we follow to give them experiance. Whats missing here is the few pilots that ignore the protocols once ATC drops off, even if its an internet outage, we must keep following the last instruction till it becomes clear ATC is not coming back, this will change over time I hope.

Rotate, I saw you re- asigned the topic, thank you, was new here and did nit know where to post it. Thanks again.

@divebuddha, my experiances with live flight have been great, today was an off day and got my back up, I have limited time like most people and to finish with a go- around really did not help, but to just close the app and run away was not an option for me, I take it very seriously like every normal IF user. Its just the few that mess it for the majority.

Still happening now a couple days ago someone landed and sat on the runway I did give multiple warnings saying I was on final but no he sat on there like a turtle. This was on advanced (expert)

Did you report him?

Yea the annoying thing was he started moving when I was like 50 feet from the runway and also I couldn’t be bothered to do a go around I think he was trying to make me do that