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I was recently the tower controller at KLAX, and I had several planes on final that weren’t on my frequency. Even after pressing the send on guard warning, they didn’t get on my frequency. So, my question is what am I suppose to do with those people, as a controller on the Training Server? Do I let them land and make sure the runway is clear, or do I just go on with the other planes and ignore them?

Just try to incorporate them as much as possible. They could have communication issues. or be total jerks
In the mean time try joining IFATC where this won’t happen :)

Both as this is on Training Server…don’t expect them to tune in…

I think the best answer here is “whatever will allow you to enjoy the experience”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks on TS1 that don’t really know what they are doing, or aren’t interested in following ATC commands. The key is not letting this ruin the experience for you and other more advanced pilots. With that in mind, there are several options:

  1. Open a less popular airport (KLAX and EGLL are notorious for attracting a lot of traffic, and may be worth avoiding if pilots that don’t follow instructions are a point of frustration). I have noticed a step change in quality when you go to slightly less popular airports that are 30-90 minutes flight time away from major open airports (e.g. KLAS if KLAX is open)
  2. Work around them - takes the most energy, but can also be a fund challenge and good training if you are in the right mindset on a particular day
  3. Simply ignore them - sometime this is the best policy when dealing with things you cannot influence or control

All three of those strategies can be employed while working towards IFATC - Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

I guess… just treat them as if they are cleared to land.
Although sometimes I just ignore them if they don’t join the frequency and take off other aircraft anyway.

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If its on TS, theres nothing you can do Im afraid, since there isnt ghosting available on TS :(

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