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Recently, especially with the sudden surge of feature requests, I’ve noticed that people write ‘not my photo’ below their post. Now although there is nothing wrong with this, I find it unnecessary. As long as one doesn’t claim the photo as theirs it is not Compulsary for them to write that the photo isn’t theirs.

Please, if their is some copyrighting issue that informs you of this, do tell me, but I do not see the point of the statement that falls at the bottom of pretty much all feature requests with photos attached.


On that issue, it may often say ‘credit the photographer’ where the image is kept, so watch out for this.

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I’d also like to say, from any user, we’ve had too many #features requests today.


Well if it’s from something like planespotters.net, the credits are attached to the bottom of the image.

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Another thing to add on

Sometimes, when you search something up (related to planes etc) The infinite flight community forums comes up. And if someones photo is on their and some peanut (@Maxmustang :D) forgot to give them full credit. This forum can be shut down…

Thank you so much for making this topic! Much needed!

@Captain_Dan… MaxSez: The following quote is reprinted with the authors permission:

. Extract from previous response on "“Trademarked Photo’s” Max Sez… "I dislike lawyers or lawyer like individuals who pontificate without the proper research or accreditation. Copyrights protect original creative works such as paintings, songs, books, photographs and other original works of authorship “May be” protected via application to the Federal Copyright office Federal copyrights are registered per item or group and the item copyrighted must be identified as such on each item included. You’ll note on Web photo libraries copyright protected material has the owner and copyright identity clearly printed on the photo face for example. Most Web sites which contain copyright material will and must clearly state “Reproduction not authorized without the permission of the Originator or Reproduction authorized with the originator identified or word to that effect. Google reproduction requirements are clearly stated in your agreement and are not infringed unless marked IAW copyright regs. Bottom line, read the Agreement or Home Page of Web Sites that contain photo, prints ect. Follow there guidance. The chances of being Federally indicted for " Copyright infringement” for “personal” use if you don’t download by the 1000 of prints for resale you are golden. Note, my Momma told me never trust a Lawyer, Quasi Lawyer, Politician or Car Salesman. That’s my story and I’m stricken to it. (Edit/Corrected there may be a Schister watching!).

FootNote 1: This commentary may not be reproduced, copied, distributed an/or discussed outside the confessional without the express permission of the Originator.

FootNote 2. This is an AvGeek Site not Judge Judy! Please follow the posting guidelines."

NEW: Footnote 3. The use of the term “Not my Photo” is unnecessary!


I also find this highly unnecessary, and have been outspoken about it.

This accomplishes nothing. If you’re going to credit the source out of respect, do so. Don’t just say it isn’t yours, because then you’re still not giving credit.

This is a forum about a mobile flight simulator, no one is getting sued because you used their photo. In addition, many photos have a water mark, which makes things easier since it says the source right on the photo.

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Adding the link to the photo is another solution.

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I usually post the link for the picture in my post (from airliners.net, etc.) Is it correct?

Its something like this

Link I posted - http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/photos/3/1/7/2811713.jpg

Is this correct, @Carson/@MishaCamp?

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It doesn’t really matter. If you want to do that, that’s fine.

And then system downloads local copies -.-

Not my photo

People are too lazy to Copyright😜

See, the image already has the credits at the bottom.

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