Not logging in

I was about to consider buying global but when I logged in on IF it just kept loading for the last 30mins please help.

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Try restarting your device, if that fails do a simple app reinstall.

Thanks I will try it and reply if it works.

If you send to many request for your account, you wont be able to log in for a certain amount of time. I recommend waiting 30 mins, then trying to log back in.

Sometimes internet can interfere with IF. Do you have strong internet or is your WiFi for some reason down?

Goes slow at this time

Any updates? @AndroidPilot

What kind of updates should I have had

Haha no! I am asking you if you have resolved the issue yet.

No i am still having problems will try again in the morning

Reinstall the app, let me know in the morning :).

Thank you for the help I have been able to sign in.

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