Not Loading Planes

I am the UPS plane and the other planes are not loading other than A330 i have flown in. What is happening?


What is the Setting of your “Airplane Count”?

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I’d also check your connection. (Reset Router) Also, as @Dylan_M mentioned, be sure to set your airplane count to high. If you are on cellular there is an automatically download aircraft while on cellular selection in your settings. If that is disabled the aircraft won’t download.

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Hey there,

  • What device do you currently have? Let’s say the iPad Pro has a maximum Airplane count to 12 aircrafts on any busy airspace in Version 19.1.

  • When you spawn into the airport, you must wait until the aircrafts have finished downloading in order to visually see them. That would mean you have to wait a few minutes ( depending on the Internet speed ) for the aircrafts to load.

  • Also, I recommend switching the “Airplane Count” to “Very High” at the “Live” section in the General settings.

  • I’d recommend zooming in to the aircraft to see all aircrafts, I mean by the screenshot you just took. If you’d use a free camera you should see aircrafts appearing around you. I hope any of these points helps.

Same issue with mine. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. I’ve tried different settings, messed with the cameras, reinstalled, the whole 9 yards.

It will probably have to do with you not having downloaded those aircraft. The aircraft list you see in the aircraft selection only has aircraft/livery that you have flown in downloaded to your phone. If it isnt downloaded yet it probably is not showing up with other players.

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