Not listening to ATC

Hello everyone if this is a mistake please tell me, this user is not listening to my instruction, he keeps doing pattern work and disturbing other users, he almost attempted to crash on to another plane that was inbound for landing, the airport is active as we, thank you for listening! ll


How about we continue the conversation on the thread that you made 4 minutes ago about the exact same issue?



What do you mean

You just made another topic 5 minutes ago with the same issue, we can continue the conversation over there.


Hi there. Unfortunately this is the training server where a bunch of users do not know how to operate or understand the atc side. I’d suggest joining IFATC to control on the expert server. I’d continue this conversation in your first thread linked above.


I’m trying to become IFATC that’s why I’m atc, I really want this IFATC job

Making a tracking thread is a good way to get some people with good knowledge and feedback on ATC. If you need anymore assistance we can continue on your first thread as this is an unnecessary duplicate to your issue.