Not listening to ATC

I have attempted to run all aspects of the ATC but it’s becoming ever more frustrating as 3/4 of the, I’ll call them users because they don’t listen to instructions, attempt to land on closed runways or any runway they see fit for them. I unfortunately don’t have enough time on it to report them…what to do???


Hi, by your description it sounds like you are controlling ATC on the training server. Unfortunately, violations are the only thing that enforces the training sever, so you’re bound to get some naughty and incompetent pilots.

My suggestion to you would be to open a low traffic airport. That sometimes attracts a better crowd. Additionally, if you enjoy controlling you can apply to be a controller on the expert server where rules are strictly enforced.


@CaptMatt, the best thing to do is just stop responding them, and instruct the pilots that are listening to incorperate the stubborn/impatient ones.

report them to mods with photos. They could get grounded.

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Thanks for the tips, I’ll keep giving it a go.

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Gave it another try tonight, was a very enjoyable time, even had arrival and departure backing me up. Everyone listened and responded as they should. Always makes for a better experience!

Hello! Here are some airport I opened at before becoming IFATC

  • EDDL (T/G)
  • KSSC (T/G)
  • YBBN (T/G)
  • EHAM (T/G/ App / Dep)

I worked EHAM last night, it’s big but lower traffic going to/from EGLL mostly.

If you don’t respond to 4 messages in 60 seconds, then you get disconnected…

Ah nice! Think I saw that in action a few minutes ago going into EGLL, the kids are out in force today…

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