Not listening to ATC

I’ve been spawning at various airports and taking a listen and just looking around. Ghosted a few that decided to play chicken with the plane taking off without permission.

One thing I noticed is that most will follow the command. Keep in mind that the controller is learning too and if they issue the wrong command the pilot may look like they are disobeying. Not saying this is the case for all, because its not, but it is something to keep in mind.


Of course. Thanks for your thoughts everyone:)


And that is what i want to see more. Offcourse it is training, and everybody can make a mistake. But racing to the runway and take off like a hurricane or just flying over a runway with m2.0 is not “training”.

Join the group below. It’s a great group. Trio is my trainer.

Well, it is training server. And if you do not listen, you will not get in trouble by being ghosted. I will be honest with you all, even I have ignored TS ATC instrustions. Yes, a grade 4 not listening to ATC. Why? Well I am not going around when I’m on a 2 mile final of 24R at KLAX with no traffic in front of me. Yes, I do listen, if you are realistic and know what you are doing.


Training server isn’t realistic… If you would like to fly or control in expert server which is very realistic you need to have the requirements for it. (pilot: grade 3) (atc:Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting)

I found traffic controlling at training server annoying… people requesting descent to 1,000 when they’re not even on final… Then when you tell them to maintain 8,000 they say “unable” even though they can, and can’t be bothered. I was working as approach for about 2hrs or so… and I had around 4 people say “Unable” and 2 people perform an unauthorised landing, an AirBerlin aircraft takeoff the taxiway at about 100000000vs


And someone allergic to the runway?

they’re on the grass

It really annoys me that people don’t respect air traffic control… At least give us the option of “Please listen to ATC instructions” and verbal warnings


You can say “please check forums for atc instructions”. But my advice to you, since you aren’t an ifc certified controller who Can ghost people, ask people on IFC to do a private airport controlling, with some pattern work.

Happened again. I was EGLL for around 3 hours, I told someone to land at 27L and they land at 27R… I told 2 people to exit the runway at the same time because I’d cleared one… so three took off… Other than the occasional oblivious person it was a good experience.

you should expect for only some of the people you talk to to listen
thats at least my experience

I wish they replaced casual server with the current training server, and added an actual “Training” server for those who want to be serious, but aren’t quite ready for expert. There would be consequences for those who are just straight trollers, but if you made a simple mistake for instance you forgot to announce taxi, you would just receive a warning unlike in expert where you would probably get ghosted.


Haha controlling EGLL is painful for all 4 sectors, here’s some possible probs you’ll meet with from my experience:

Ground: Pilot asks for 27L, but you give him 27R due to overcrowding issues. Pilot STILL requests for 27L repeatedly. Wtf!

Tower: Impatient pilots not knowing/not acknowledging that another aircraft is on short final. Repeatedly requests for takeoff clearance. ATC instructs to hold short, pilot can’t wait and takes off without clearance.

Approach: Aircraft not tuned into frequency despite being 50nm+ away from airport. You send on guard and he ignores, you see his info and found out he’s on tower.

Departure: Similar to APP. Pilot doesn’t tune into frequency.

Yeah. I was tower last night and as soon as I cleared someone for takeoff, whist they’re still on the runway they request takeoff, almost as if they can’t see 100m ahead of them

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Lol I don’t understand why people want to wait at 27L. I think the pilots who repeatedly ask 27L might think it’s “cool” to wait in a line, but after a while, the newer pilots will go full send and do an immediate take off without permission with a climb of 8,000 ft/m.

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That is a pretty good idea if you ask me. Just open a topic in Features please with you idea!!!

EGLL approach is a barrel of laughs. Everyone is so keen to land on top of one another, will never maintain 5nm separation. And then you get spammed with approach requests for airports the other side of the globe. Like I can clear your approach to Sydney Australia when controlling London. Bit of fun anyways, gets you to learn the commands and cope with the millions of requests coming in and filtering out what’s important.

Just note…on the training server there is NO way to hint to a pilot they maybe doing the wrong thing. Check the forum and follow instructions were removed…IMO some (not all) may feel because it’s a training server that none of the pilots or ATC have any knowledge, therefore join ATCEG to start then work with that group to eventually get to IFATC

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I plan to when I reach trust level 2!!!

It’s like you’re controlling 10 aircraft on approach but you get 1000 requests, each aircraft sends the same request 100 times. Definitely a good training if you want to become IFATC.

As long as they’re first in line, that’s perfect! I want to know if he’s departing or patterns and I want the waiting plane to request takeoff when the first is on the runway so that I can get the waiting plane line(d) up and wait(ing) on the runway ready to start his takeoff roll as soon as the first plane is off the ground.