Not listening to ATC in training server

Hey ! I just want to tell something about a lot of people in TS. Please please please : listen to ATC when they do their best !
I just met at KLAX 2 aircraft that wasn’t listening : one that pushback without permission and another grade 3 that taxied to the closed runway without my permission, and leave the frequency because he was angry. Grade 3 ! How do you want us to train when 50% of the user is not listening ? When you enter the TS, there is a message that tell you to listen ATC. Please, do some effort and help us !


Its the traning server, Not much we can really do sadly


Don’t control the busy airports. Make an ATC tracking thread, then You will get professional people coming to practice and they will give detailed feedback. That’s the correct way to train. TS is like that and it’s not going to change.


Unfortunately yes, but I try, I have nothing to lose :/

Yep unfortunately, but at least I try ! I think I will do a Tracking thread yeah, thanks

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Been there brother. Unfortunately it’s out of our hand. Perhaps apply for IFATC and become a professional controller

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Here’s a helpful link for You:


Yeah I will try to be IFATC soon, that’s my I’m training haha, hopefully I can get to it soon !


Mention ATC


Thanks man !


Good luck bro


We all had this problem, that’s why it’s best to resort to Tracking Threads.


I just training again and again and I will apply for IFATC haha !


Best solution ignore opinion””

I wasn’t going to reply because through text sometimes things can sound harsh or don’t come across with the right tone… forgive me in advance

I’m currently in training to become expert server ifATC. I currently have roughly 2000 operations and can handle a busy airport pretty efficiently and fairly ( at least I think so LOL )

And it is very frustrating when people flat out ignore atc.

There is a lot to talk about on this subject one obviously the problem is sometimes you spend a lot of time trying to direct an aircraft and they’re causing a dangerous situation and at a busy airport they could be extremely frustrating

Typically what I try to do when somebody is flat out ignoring you or messing with you sending multiple duplicate messages that don’t make any sense I just flat out ignore them I will continue directing traffic and I will try to keep the traffic away from the disruptive aircraft
I also noticed during that time most of the other aircraft become very quickly aware of the situation and usually will adjust what they’re doing to avoid them

Example aircraft entering runway sitting on the runway not exiting runway traffic on final simply requesting change to another runway Which is a little bit later than having to send an aircraft around

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Atc Heathrow it’s the same 👎🏻

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Sidenote can somebody on TL to message features and figure out a way where the aircraft can message a training server ATC to look up atc tutorials

And I know what everybody’s gonna say people will try and troll and message that constantly simple fix if five different aircraft send the message .then able actually send it if just one aircraft just says it it won’t bother being sent to the atc

Kind a like a vote to send kinda thing

Just a thought

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Thanks for your answer ! That’s a great idea haha, keeping this in mind !

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I’ve seen worse behavior by the Grade 3+ on TS than the Grade 2 pilots.

That’s just going to add another message they’ll use to spam frequency. It would also be another useless message like ‘Request frequency change.’

As bad as it is being an ATC on TS, I’m seeing a brighter side in the future. Maybe some day, so many of us will be IFATC that they’ll be able to expand the number of Featured airports? Or, include multiple regions of Featured airports? This may help clean up the ES a little bit more?

For now, best to stay away from the busier TS airports. Make a tracking thread for a smaller, less busy airport, and you shouldn’t have too many issues. This is what I’ve been doing sometimes, and it’s not bad for me.

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Yep, just training a little bit more then I will do a tracking thread ! Thanks for your answer :)

I’d be honest with you. I both sympathize with your frustration but also sometimes, not all the time, there is a reason why some pilots refuse to listen. I am one of them. But I have a reason for that.

I know its frustrating but sometimes it cannot be helped, especially when you are trying. I know, just because it is training server shouldn’t really be an excuse either, in fact, more so that rules should be reinforced because some people use TS to Rank up to Grade 3, and 3+. In fact, I’ve 500+ operations under my belt but I decided enough is enough and I just resorted to not playing ATC anymore because people just don’t listen.

I’ll give you a reason why I don’t listen to ATC at the airport on TS (Don’t get me wrong. When the ATC is genuinely trying to help, I will definitely follow their instructions). Whenever I see an ATC at an airport as a Pilot, it gets me thinking either they are trolling or they are actually genuinely wanting to help improve flight experience and make it more realistic for others and myself and thus provide ATC services, especially on TS. When it happens to be a troll, I will usually ignore them and tune out. It won’t make sense to follow someone saying “aircraft is too large for this airport” when I am coming in to land at my home base (WSSS) on a 77W. Other times, ATC tells me to cross a runway the other side of an airport. For eg. I am Taxiing from the International Terminal at HND airport to Rwy 34R/ 05 for takeoff. I have to first cross Rwy 34L/16R before being allowed to continue taxi to takeoff. I ask for permission to cross Rwy 34L/16R and the reply I get is “Singapore 635 Heavy, cross runway 34R”. To me, either the controller was trolling or he wasn’t paying attention. Mind you, there really wasn’t too many aircraft on the ground nor coming in for a landing either. So I asked again and the reply I get is the same. Tell me then, how am I supposed to follow an ATC’s instruction when he/she doesn’t even know what she is doing? My solution is I just ignore and resume normal flight operations and procedures, or I just despawn and go to expert where people actually follow instructions should ATC be around. (Don’t get me wrong, I know expert isn’t plane heaven either, for there are several topics created and shown where some people behave like casual or training server as well)

I just hope that the devs take a look into the TS and find these trolls and sort them out to make TS an option to choose in which server to fly in. I personally do not see a difference if it is expert or training server. When someone provides ATC services, I hope it is to enhance the flight experiences of many and reinforce the fact IF is a realistic flight simulator using real world procedures. To me, someone who is being ATC for an airport needs to understand the responsibility of the flights he or she is handling and deal with them in the appropriate conduct, with the appropriate command and control of the flights under him or her. In this case, I am sure you do. But I hope you understand my frustration as well.