Not Linear Thrust

When you add and remove power from an aircraft on IF, the N1 basically follows instantly, but in real life that’s not the case, to spool up the engines (to about 50% N1) it takes longer than taking it form 50 to 100% for example, this is called not linear thrust, but in IF, it is linear, which is unrealistic, who else thinks this should change or has noticed it?

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You can make a request on Linear Thrust #features to be added in game and make the experience even more realistic


Thanks, I’m still kinda new on IFC.

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But should I remove this topic or not? On General

If you new on IFC, unfortunately you cant open a feature topic. Find another way, i suggest.

Urm not quite sure as you still a basic user and cannot make a request yet …

also this might be helpful !

Thanks a lot!

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Iv’e checked and no one has done a request on this. So go around spread your love around the community and soon as you become a member get that #features going !!!


Wrong - sorry needed to get this in before the OP jumped on it Haha @George_Anastasis
It already exists, just not titled the same thing :)


Damn. Always a request on everything these days aha. Thanks for the find

@TigerPilot No need to make a request. Check the post above