Not letting me log in

So I’m trying to do a route but every time I click to join the Expert server, (the loading page) it says loading for minutes and minutes and it doesn’t log me in, I’ve tried to clear my apps, I’ve tried to restart my phone, I tried to log into solo mode, nothing seems to work. Can I get some help please?

Do you have a good internet connection?

Yes I do, my internet is quite strong

What about;
-rebooting your device
-reset your router

Hi there! Can you do the following steps and see if this resolves your issue.

• Log out of Infinite Flight
• Update your devices Operating System
• Reset your router
• Reboot your device

I’ve rebooted my device but haven’t tried to reinstall yet

Yes I can! Thanks Chris and everyone!

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Works after I reinstalled app! Thanks guys! You may close this now!