Not letting me fly live

Device: IPad Mini 6th Generation
Operating system: 17.3.1

Hi there,

I recently started playing IF again and bought a new subscription. I click on mode and click multiplayer, but it doesn’t give me an option for which server and when I go back to the aircraft selection page and fly, it puts me in solo.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


What are you seeing when you select multiplayer then?
Since it should be something like this;

I am missing the server options.

It is also not letting me do ATC on TS, even though I thought you could be any grade for that…

Can you share screenshots of what it is you’re seeing?

Okay, that’s odd.
Can you try to restart your device just so we have that part out of the woods?

Yes, one moment.

It’s working, thanks! The only thing is it won’t let me access ATC on TS. Is this a new rule that was instated for grade 1s?

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It’s always been like that (except for a brief time when there’s been issues with that).
But yeah, Grade 2 is required for any kind of TS access.

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