Not Let ATC switch you to a Unicom that’s not in your range

I think it’s time I mention this.

I think we should fix how ATC can send us switch to a Unicom thats not even close to us.

For example, Tower hands me off to departure. Soon after I’m out of the airspace, I ask for a frequency change. Then, he sends me to (example) “Contact Hartsfield Jackson Airport at 1XX.XX. When I’m 3000 NM Away. And it allows you too!

You can just respond then tune out completely from any frequency by clicking “Tune out of insert frequency name”.

I’d send simply “frequency change approved”, but pilots don’t tune out. People tune out when I send them to a specific frequency. That’s generally my reasoning as a controller behind sending you to a Unicom frequency.


Don’t you think it’s unrealistic though? I can just wait and let them fix this out. In the mean time, I can just do what you mentioned here. Or I can just tune in to that Unicom, and just leave it.

Or how about we make it so after the frequency Change is approved, they just automatically leave it? What’s your thoughts?

Real world you would usually be tuned to a frequency for your entire flight and there’s no center frequency, so of course you can’t be completely “realistic”, that’s an unrealistic expectation. That would be great if it just tuned you out immediately as another controller option possibly, so I agree with you there. It never occurred to me though that the reason why you wouldn’t want to be tuned is because you can hear Atlanta unicom for your entire flight, but as I said, you can just tune out. 🙂