Not just KLAX - maybe KJFK please

Hi, All -

I was reaching out to all IFATC controllers and IFC pilots to ask: PLEASE (I understand it’s not every day but a decent amount), can we take advantage of the new 3D airports (specifically KJFK) and start using that as the new KLAX. I feel we are on the West Coast so often, it is at this point a little boring… just wanted to kindly ask, not being annoying or anything - just suggesting because I should it should be recognized.

KJFK is an amazing airport over the amazing NYC (I’m in Connecticut right next to)!

Have a nice day everyone.



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Honestly, every time I look at the expert server, I see KJFK getting the most love out of any other airport. Especially with DCA and YTZ close by.

As we speak, JFK is open and LAX isn’t

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As Drummer said JFK gets more than enough love everyday :) Just take a look at the aircraft waiting for takeoff and the aircraft on approach!

Didn’t check IF today, I was just going off of in general.

In general, KJFK and KLAX are the two most popular airports to open on ES. By far. (in US East)

Can confirm that whenever JFK is fully staffed (which is usually at least twice a day) inbounds shoot up to at least 60 or 70 - just try to fly in when there’s ATC and it’ll be real busy!

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