Not issuing violations?

Device:Iphone 7
Operating system:ios 15
I accidentally went over 35 knots on a taxiway and noticed for the first time that i didn’t get the yellow warning box about it. I went to an airport with nobody else there and tested it for sure and no warning box ever came up, even after I accelerated to 50 knots on the ramp in a 777.

You might have been in casual server when you tested (or solo)?

Such warnings occur for TS and ES only.

I was in the expert server

Are you sure you’re looking at indicated airspeed?

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I have experienced a glitch in the game were it considers the entire airport as a runway. It’s only at vary small airports that have grass or gravel runways and normally aren’t 3D.
So depending on the airport you were flying from, that might be the case.

Could you please let us know which airport was it?

KLAS, KBUF and KBOS. nothing “small” about them

yes indeed

First time I’ve seen someone complaining about not getting a violation lol


I just tested with 777 at KBOS and found that the warnings aren’t failing
Do you still have this issue now? It’s possible that it was caused by the network or the server before

Are you looking at ground speed? If you’re going 50 knots airspeed but only 30knots ground speed you won’t get a violation

I also tested for the first time in a long while. There was no safety buffer above 35kts: The warning reliably came on just over 35kts GS.

The most likely cause for the violation warning not coming on when exceeding 35kts here (assuming you’re not on the runway) results from looking at IAS rather than GS, as already mentioned by @tyleraviator99 and @Railfanner365 (the difference between IAS and GS is affected by wind, airport altitude, and temperature).

If you have otherwise found a repeatable glitch somewhere, it would be helpful to upload a photo or video along with any other relevant info to help document the issue.

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I had ground speed displayed when this happened. I cant repeat it, but it happened at the airports i listed

Share a replay maybe?

I did test one more thing. I went to Training Server, with full network connection of course. As I started to taxi I switched my phone to airplane mode to simulate a network interruption. Under this condition there was no warning as I exceeded 35kts GS, as suggest by @black

If you manage to reproduce what you experienced in the future, it would help to ensure you show the network status as well as any other conditions in your screen shot or video upload.

I’m going to assume it’s this. Just strange that it happened at three separate airports hours apart from eachother

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