Not having TL2?

Discourse tells me TL2 requirements, and i have more than enough of the requirements and still dont have TL2? Any reasons why? (I passed each threshold more than 7 days ago) Also it says ive given 0 hearts when clicking on it shows ive given multiple (The min requirement is 1)

Just keep being active :D

Top: Discourse req
Bottom: Stats

Again, it does say that I have given 0 hearts, when I will show proof of multiple.

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Those are the default requirements and can be changed. The IFC’s requirements are different.

You can learn more below.


You have to cast a like.

you wll get TL2 15 days after you have all requirements. You need be active every single day

Like this post and you should most likely have TL2

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ive been active for 77 days, and out of those 77 days, I’ve been active for more than 3 weeks daily.

That may have made zero sense.

Got the “First Like” badge lol!

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Honestly, just reference @Z-Tube’s post…everyone else in this thread has been posting irrelevant information.


The “posted” requirements differ from the actual requirements… in order to avoid TL farming the actual requirements are not officially listed


and with good reason!

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See highlighted post above. That there is your answer