Not grade 2

I have all the stats and everything required to be grade 2 but am not grade 2 is anyone else experiencing this problem. image. You can see in the image.

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Can you go to an airfield and do a few touch and goes? If not can you re-install the app? Thanks!

Edit: What Ewan said down below, didn’t notice the violations in one day, I need coffee haha.

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You have too many violations in the last day. Wait until tomorrow without getting any vios and you’ll achieve grade 2 :)


You have too many violations.

What’s weird though is that it’s not orange at that part where it should be in the Grade 2 section…


I’m just confused with the fact that I have to many violations because it’s not orange.

It’s a minor bug. But now you know at least :)

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From what i understand, You can only have a certain amount of violations before your grade can change. Since you had 18 in 1 day. The maximum you can have is 5. It may not be orange, but thats a glitch. Look where the five is and then look at the far right of that row and you’ll see what im talking about!