Not getting what I paid for!!!

So the other day I purchased two monthly subscriptions for the multiplayer. When i go and check when my online expires it said August. But I checked my balance on itunes and it was confirmed when the payment email came via email which confirmed I had actually paid for 2 but I ONLY GOT ONE month of subscription. HELP PLEASE!!!

You can’t buy two at a time. It only adds up to one month I believe.

You do have 2 months of live. It says it expires in August as it means the first month expires in August.

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Are you sure? I thought it would say September!

I brought two like one after eachother at the same time

It will say September when the first month expires. It is showing when your current subscription will expire. It says your subscription you have now will expire in Aaugust and the second one you bought will begin then.

I would go to you reciept from Apple, click on report problem and you will be able to get a refund for one of them. Then next month after your subscription finishes you can buy another one.

Ive already reported the problem they just said come back to the developers website

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