Not getting the BBJ after restoring purchases

I recently upgraded my phone and as such I had to re download the app I restored and got all my purchases and the subscription on my new phone but I have lost access to the 737-700 BBJ even though I have over 20 purchases.
Any help would be appreciated


I think it’s because you have to get 20 purchases on that device.

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Hmmm… Did you go Android -> Android or IOS -> IOS? Also, do you have live+ or did you get the planes individually?

I went from iOS to iOS and bought the planes and scenery individually

Did you have the BBJ before the device switch?

i think he did, he said he lost access to it

Yes I did have the BBJ before I upgraded phones

Ok this is one for @matt.

The only way a bonus aircraft such as the BBJ and SOFIA can be locked is when the account used reflects less than 20 total aircraft and region purchases. A refund for something would be subtracted, and not noticable until the app is reinstalled later.

There have been no refunds at any point

Then the account in use does not have a record of 20 total aircraft and region purchases.

That is my issue. I do have 20 total purchases on my account. I had the bonus aircraft and then I switched phones and lost them.

I’m having a similar situation… I currently have access to the 737 BBJ on one of my two iPad’s. Both devices are on iOS 9.1 and are fourth generation devices. I’ve restored purchases and reset both devices… Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Forget to mention I’m using the same login credentials for both iPads as well.

The only way for the bonus aircraft to become locked is when the purchase count on the account ID in use is less than 20. It would become especially noticeable when they had been accessible before reinstalling the app, then becoming locked after downloading all purchases. That means there was a refund for something. Either way, the total aircraft and region purchase total is less than 20.

Check to make sure you have installed all purchased items as well. :)

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Thanks for the response… I’ve doubled checked and I’m just not seeing it. Ha. Oh well.

I have exactly the same issue, but my Problem is that the BBJ and the SOFIA are available for me on the iPhone, but not on the iPad. Does anybody Know what to do?