Not getting NOTAMS when joining the expert server

Right now I am attending the VA event at ZBAA and everyone else is saying they got a NOTAMMENT about it being an event, but I didn’t get that when joining. Not worried about it now as I’m on the attendee list, but for the future I don’t want to be ghosted because I didn’t get a NOTAM.

Are you referring to the red ring around the airport or the NOTAM window?

The window only appears when you spawn at ZBAA with the NOTAM active. It could have not been active at the time you spawned. The red ring is active now on expert.

I did not get a NOTAM either and unknowingly joined the event… I exited before I was ghosted though. What event is even happening though today ? Nobody can join if they are not part of the VA, right ?

The NOTAM window, I spawned at 2010z and respawned to try it at 2020z.

the TFR says that it’s an IFAE event

It’s a VA flyout. You can’t join unless your VA signed you up.

Oh thanks for the answer…

I spawned just now and received the NOTAM window.

There is nothing that will prevent a non-attendee from spawning.

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Huh, didn’t receive it twice though. There are people who spawned before me the first time and got it…

sometimes if I can’t get the act or NOTAM I quickly put my device on airplane mode and switch it back and works !

Who is our VA? Sorry if that’s an obvious question

A VA is a virtual airline, like British Airways VA. There are loads of them and you can find out more information in #live:va . Not a bad question in any way :)


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