Not following the rules of ES

This guy landed while im still on the runway. Wtf!!!


Know the feeling


PM a mod and see if they cn do anything about it.

Please provide more info about the situation.

When this happened, was there active ATC, etc.

What airport was this at?


There has been a few counts of this today. He probably just wanted to get down and quit the game, but as it is the Expert Server he should have gone around even if there is no active ATC


I was watching and I have a picture

I was AFKLM173


As a witness I can state the incident it was around 0830z. ATC was not active and the Airport was SGBL

I have just checked.

The person described in this issue has an account on the community. Please PM him for further clarification on why this happened. Topics like these won’t help anyone, except publicly shame the person involved.

Please take this into consideration before hitting reply.

@Ali_Naaman please @ the person involved.


If you need help don’t hesitate to PM me.

It’s better to publish them in Public as they knew it’s wrong and still doing it… it’s unacceptable


I agree with you on that

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I am sorry about your experience, that shouldn’t happen on expert server. Still you can’t change everyone’s behaviour, or bring everyone to follow real life or expert server rules unfortunately.

Please check out this similar topic for further input:

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So you think publicly bashing someone is better then handling it In a calm, orderly way via PM?

How would you feel if you were exposed to the public like this? While mistakes happen, we all pay for the game. We can’t force people to follow the rules if they don’t want to.

While IFATC can ghost them, they might not always be there. It’s up to you to make the right decision, not the the Pilots’ on the other side.

Keep in mind that within 2 hours we got 3 topics like these. Does this tell you something? Mistakes happen. Whether they were intentional or not. What can you do about it? We can’t always have ATC there to ghost someone. They have a life, just like you and me.


I don’t think this was made purely with public shame in mind, I believe that yes I could be a bit annoying being exposed per say but Doing something deliberate like that on expert server needs to be shown to tell people what to do.

That’s my explanation at least

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3 topics including this one have been made within 120 minutes. I’m pretty sure the message has been delivered, don’t you think?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m against this type of behaviour, but we can’t constantly keep on having people posting stuff like this. It just clutters up the forum!

I’m sure it has but not everyone dives 30mins into channels to find threads about niche topics

You’re missing the point. You won’t have to search for topics. They will all be there when you scroll down! That’s how many of them have been made.

If you are on the expert server then you should know all of the procedures that go with it. This person deserves to be exposed to public. It’s literally common sense! Does it seem right to land on a runway if there is another plane on it? No. Plus, that guy is flying Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines??? In Brazil??? He doesn’t even care about REALISM. This pilot should know that he ruined someone experience and he should feel bad for it.


That’s what I was trying to say, sorry I did not make that clear 😬

I think the realism side of things is not a massive problem, I personally don’t mind it but I agree with everything else exept the feel bad part

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