Not following instructions violation

Hi. It’s been quite a while since last time i played IF (roughly around 4 months of hiatus). So i should have had a flight from Jakarta to Doha just a few minutes ago. But, When i taxi to runway i got a massage that i have violated a rule. Unfortunately i didn’t have time to see that massage because my finger just accidentally click something that make the massage disappeared (i was trying to move around the camera). I don’t know what rule i have breached but it said in the history as “not following instructions”. I was taxiing normally behind another plane who was waiting for clearance to take off. I didn’t hit that plane, i maintain a safe distance with that plane, i have followed the instructions from the ATC. I felt like I’ve done nothing wrong,but why did i got that violation massage?

Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my first language.
I will be very thankful if someone can explain it to me


Hey, can you please go into your logbook and find the name of the controller that reported you?

@Yaoring is your controller, I believe.

Edit: refer to @Z-Tube’s response.


Contact you controller or contact @appeals in case you can’t pm him

Sorry for the late reply, it was Jake Jenkins

Alright, thanks for that

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@Jake_Jenkins1 is your guy. Feel free to start a PM with him or wait for him to contact you.

Thanks fort that!, i’ll try to contact him

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You cannot contact him because you are TL0. I will try to tell him to send you a PM

He’s TL1, Basic. He has the privilege to PM people.

oops, my bad. I thought basic is TL0 😅


I’M not believe,lol😂

Please contact the controller as mentioned above. Thanks for the help crew!