Not following instructions detector

Hello, in the expert server for ATC, it is hard to spot noobs and tell them to stop / report them etc

So I have an idea, for ATC, when an aircraft is not following what ATC says, the aircraft will flash red

How it will work

Let’s say tower said to taxi to runway 26L
But the plane starts taxiing to a different runway, the sim will see that the plane is not doing what ATC said, and the plane will flash red showing ATC that they are not doing what you say

Well that would be a lot easier for controllers but to put that in the game would be almost impossible…the controller should make sure they go to the right one in the first place anyways


As a trained controller, you should be aware of all aircraft at all times and thus should notice these conflicts on your own. Although this will come with experience, this is one of the many reasons it is important for a controller to start slow and build up their confidence!


I’ll be very curious to see how it is going to be executed.

How do you know that they’re just following a route for the other runway temporarily and wanted to go for 26L anyway? That will require lots of possible machine learning, programming, false reports, and possibly mind-reading (which is something for the very distant future). General technology will need to improve by a long shot.

I’d say it’s better to be safe than sorry about false violations, and be aware of aircraft manually, using the human mind.


Another thing is that people always complain about the game not being “realistic” enough. This would make the game even more unrealistic as the computer would be correcting you instead of yourself or the controller.

So even if they could add it it’s not really necessary

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Your “not following instructions detector” are your eyes and the many resources controllers have (radar screen, ATC logs, aircraft strips in the top right, etc). I’m not a developer but the time one would take to implement this could be spent on other things.


How on earth would the system know your intentions? Just because you aren’t headed directly to the runway, doesn’t mean that you are intending to disobey ATC runway instructions.

Yeah no, it’s a hard pass from me…