Not following flight plan

I couldn’t get my plane to follow my flight plan. I mapped out a short route prior to take off, as I always do, from LPMR to LPBJ to in the CRJ-900. As soon as I took off and reached around 2000ft I set the AP and hit the LNAV to follow the flight plan. The plane turned right and away from the intended flight path. I tried to make adjust and even re enter a new plan, but the plane just kept heading in the opposite direction every time. I manually landed at another airport. I’m thinking it was a glitch. Anyone else ever experience this?

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You must of had NAV1 still set if you auto landed prior to the “issue”. You must have your source set to GPS for your AP to follow your flight path.


This is a very common mistake. Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about. You just have to set your source to GPS in order for the AP to follow your flight plan. Have a great day. :)

I was just about to say that. That happened to me once on approach (I changed it not knowing what it was) and it took me off course

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Same here. I was flying out of EPWA a few months back and my plane was veering off course. I couldn’t figure out why, and then I look down at my heading indicator on the HUD, and I’m set to fly the direction of the ILS. I felt like an idiot.

GPS follows flight plan, and NAV1 is for following the ILS down to the ground.

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