Not following flight plan

So if I understand correctly, you activated the leg before the system did it and it just started merging onto the active leg, correct?

Do you think you’d be able to send us an image of your flight plan with the map FPL tab open? This way we would be able to see exactly what you’re seeing, and do our best to help!

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Yea I activated the next leg prematurely and my aircraft decided to back towards RKSI 350nm away. I also had an issue on a DLVA event flight, where the aircraft flipped out and did a 360 instead of turning 10 degress for the next leg

That’s the problem. Because of that the 45 degree turn turns into something like a 45 turn, then a turn towards the flightpath, then a turn onto it, meaning that the combined turn is over 45 degrees

Are you sure you didn’t activate the RKSI leg or the leg after it?

Im sure. (Characters)

I would send the replay, but im not necessarily bothered by this issue, just wanted to let the post owner know that he’s not crazy 😅 Hope yall figure out a solution!

Actually any piece of evidence will help. You’re probably right about not sending the replay - it doesn’t store the flightplan, so it would be practically useless, but if you happen to have a screenshot/video/flightpath - it would be very appreciated if you’ll show it


Ill dig through when I get home from work :) Break time ends too quickly 😂

Although flight plan leg seems to be active, aircraft does not follow path.

Are you sure the NAV source wasn’t set to GPS? If it wasn’t, the line on the compass in HUD mode would have been green instead of pink

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