Not following flight plan

Since update iOS 14 sim presenting problems to follow flight plan. Any ideas why?

Well that’s strange. Are you sure that:

  • the right leg was activated
  • LNAV was activated
  • NAV source was set to GPS

Also, in what way it is not following the flightplan?


Do you have duplicate waypoints?

Ive had issues with this aswell, but its not bad enough it bothers me. Im not on iOS 14 yet tho, ive been holding off as I havent had time.

Can you please specify which issues you’re having?

I am having the same problems as @MJP_27 on a android with the latest update available . I have done everything @sqeezelemon said but it didn’t work for a portion of my flight today

What exactly is the issue? What does LNAV ado when you activate it? It would be great if you could spevify

The other day I was on a flight from RKSI-KJFK and I tried to set the waypoint in my fpl as active and instead my aircraft wanted to do a full turn around back towards RKSI when that wasnt the active leg. Ive had similar little things happen but ive never thought much of it. Nothing that really bothers me :)

I don’t have this issue when flying 🙂

Without knowing the precise flight plan as seen in the app, it’s super hard to tell what’s wrong. @sqeezelemon is probably the correct one here.


@tunamkol it just wouldn’t follow my flight plan and took me in circles

If you’re flying in circles it just means the 2 waypoints are too close to each other. The plane tries to make the turn, but at that speed it just can’t make it to the point that the system activates the next leg. Just delete one of the waypoints or activate the next one manually


Same, I changed the active legs in mulitple flights and it did circles in all of them.

That maybe because of a steep turn or duplicate waypoints.

A tip is not to have waypoints close together when flying.

It was a 45 degree turn with no duplicate waypoints

They were like 200nm apart, I switched to the active leg in front on the leg I was on, it was like a 15 degree turn. But like I said, it’s dosent necessarily matter to me, dosent bother me much as im not switching active legs alot.

My waypoints were 30 NM apart

That’s still a bit close between the waypoints

For a 45 degree turn? 30nm should be plenty of space to make the turn, the AP also starts the turn before reaching the very end of the active leg. @MJP_27

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