Not Following ATC Instructions

I have noticed a lot on the training server that people wont follow ATC instructions, specifically when you assign them a runway. For instance, I just had happen where they requested runway 34C at KSEA, but I wanted them to taxi and takeoff on runway 16L, so when they asked for pushback, I granted it, and told them to expect runway16L, they repeatedly asked for 34L, but I repeatedly told them to to taxi to 16L. After all of that, they left the frequency, and went their own way. I tried reporting them, but it isn’t possible for me, I don’t know why. There should be a way to force them to contact a frequency, because its quite annoying when they don’t follow your instructions…

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Hey Ashton,

Unfortunately, pilots are not required to listen to ATC on the Training Server. You’ll have to try to ignore the trolls and simply work with those who will listen.

If you want people to listen, I’d suggest joining IFATC!

You can see if you meet the requirements at this thread:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Unfortunately that’s just training server, nothing you can do about it really

Not much more can be said since it is the Training Server as mentioned above.