Not Exiting the Runway in the proper way

As an IFATC controller (im not the expert or the best controller), I’ve seen a lot of pilots not exiting the Runway propertly while asking a taxi clearence to parking. Probably some of those are in the forum. Allow me to do a friendly reminder on how to exit the runway propertly.

I’ve seen some players doing this: They stop in front of the hold line, and they stay there until they get the taxi clearence. This is an example:

Disclaimer: This was made by me in solo mode. Please don’t @ me

The proper way to exit the Runway is: exiting the Runway and crossing the Hold Bars. In the Expert Server, exiting the runway and stop in front of the Hold bars can be really stressful in busy situations, especially for the aircraft on short final, who has to prepare for a Go Around; the controller, which in some cases has to warn the pilot so they cross the Hold bars and clear the Runway for the aircraft on short final. The stress can also reach the pilot itself, who eventually can get reported for “not exiting the runway” (if not action is taken obviously).

In conclusion: Please Don’t stop in front of the Hold bars. When exiting the runway, cross them. You can reduce the stress for the controllers, the aircraft on short final, and yourself.

That’s my reminder. Hope you can take it into consideration :)

Happy Takeoff, cruises and Landings. Stay safe and take care. Also a heart for those in Texas ♥️


Heart received, thank you ;)

Nice topic! Definitely think people shouldn’t be afraid to request taxi to parking while in motion, if traffic permits.


Thank you. Yeah, they don’t need to be afraid (as you said)

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Thanks, its been a tough week.

Good topic, hopefully this gets the word out to more pilots.

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Yeah, I decided to do that scince 5-10 pilots per session doesn’t exit in the proper way

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Yeah we need some more pilot education. It would be helpful to know that the hold bar only applies when solid is on your side. I have not done this on purpose, but I did do it at KEWR by mistake once, thinking the holding bar at the exit was for 22R (didn’t know there was a taxiway in the middle). Realized when I switched cameras and vacated immediately.


There should be a command for this from ATC in the misc. messages, like ‘please exit the runway before contacting ground’. I don’t know what to do in this situation as the controller and just end up saying ‘please contact tower’. Is there a specific command that is more suited to be used in this situation?


I play in expert server and I was also confused as to why other players kept doing this. I would always change frequencies as soon as get off the runway but continue my taxi before they clear me to park because when I go on planes in real life I noticed pilots never stop the plane in front of the hold short line

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Thanks for shouting that out.
Also, for those who doesn’t know how to hold short, DO NOT LET ANT PART OF THE PLANE GET ACROSS THE HOLD LINE.

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Is just simple. But some pilots does these things. That’s why I’ve decided to do that

Is there a feature request for this command?

I don’t think so, but we have a “please follow instructions”

Hmm I think there should be

Good reminders there.

Article here may be valid I think…

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This is about “hold short” i think. Thamks thought :)

It is so annoying when pilots do this. I’m not able to clear anyone for takeoff while a plane is sitting there on the runway. Educate yourselves people!


Indeed. I almost reported some cuz of that. Scince I don’t like reporting, I’ve done this :)

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Also NEVER exit the runway onto a 90 deg taxiway at more than 10 knots GS.

This is about how they exit the RWY, not the speed. Im aware of this ;)

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Like since I’ve seen people exit the RWY at 80 knots.