Not even sure about this one

A night flight from Xpoc to EGUX in a P 38 Miss Virginia. Short flight and very odd OOF landing, Ryanair would be proud of this one.
I have the final pics of the landing, and yes it counted on my successful landings as well

This was after I landed

part 2 flip over on to gear and now cross your fingers

part 3 Down safe kind of…but at least you landed boy 😂

right some ppl were struggling withe above pics
so here are the same ones done in day time same flight ect and sorry if I have posted too many pics
InfiniteFlight_2019-03-27-20-06-57 InfiniteFlight_2019-03-27-20-07-02


I can barely see any of the pictures

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Noice landing!!! Just maybe try not to hurt anybody on board next time? lol

@Pingu Only me and my co piolt got hurt in this one and my underwear 😂.
But the full replay is more funny, shame you can’t post them here…

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Houston, we have a problem.

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@Altaria55 There are the day time ones, much better quality, as you see 😂

@Mattheus Houston’s reply Nailed it!